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Welcome to the homepage of Advitas Ltd. We are an agricultural brokerage working mainly on the Black Sea and Eastern-Central European markets.

We believe that being an independent agricultural broker is a responsible vocation. We fully understand that our mission is to help you – trader, producer, purchaser – in having a clear picture of the market movements, while making important decisions whether selling or purchasing agricultural commodities. We are those who stand next to you when you face unforeseen issues in your business endeavours, we are your mediators and to a certain extent your advisors.

We highly appreciate your confidence and trust in us.

Yours faithfully,

Adrienn BIHARI (CEO of Advitas Ltd., broker)

find a market and promote your agricultural commodity, new product among potential buyers

introduce you new market directions and solutions for the agricultural commodities you trade with or products you produce

build up long-term business relations for you whether bringing to you first-class suppliers, or reliable buyers among both trading companies and end-users

follow through the contract from the discussing of the wording and signing the contract through its execution, till the settlement and receipt of the goods

more than 10 year experience on the grain and oilseed markets in fields of execution, trading and brokerage

more than 8 year experience on the Black Sea grain and oilseed market in fields of brokerage and trading

knowledge, skills, contacts, good name among traders

wish to provide quality service to our customers

open-mindedness to new challenges of the agricultural market evolution