Advitas a brokerage company dealing with agricultural products mainly of Black Sea, Eastern, Central European and Baltic origins. We work both with vessel (coaster, handy) and with container size lots on FOB and CIF/CFR basis. In addition, we have invaluable experience in concluding business on DAP border and factory basis when goods are being delivered in railcars or trucks.

We have knowledge of various agricultural commodities, namely oilseeds (soybeans, sunseed, rapeseed, linseed), grains (corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, oats), pulses (yellow peas, chickpeas etc.), by-products (soymeal, sunmeal, rapemeal, wheatbran etc), vegetable oils (soya, sun and rape oils) as well as niche or specific agricultural commodities and products, like waxy corn, high oleic sunseed, full-fat soya etc.

Geographical location of our sellers and buyers are far-reaching: from Western, Central and Southern Europe (the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Italy, Greece and Cyprus), through Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia), Southeastern and Eastern Europe (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey), to Middle East (Egypt and Israel), North Africa (Tunisia and Algeria) and Asia (Pakistan, India, China and Malaysia).

find a market and promote your agricultural commodity, new product among potential buyers

introduce you new market directions and solutions for the agricultural commodities you trade with or products you produce

build up long-term business relations for you whether bringing to you first-class suppliers, or reliable buyers among both trading companies and end-users

follow through the contract from the discussing of the wording and signing the contract through its execution, till the settlement and receipt of the goods

more than 10 year experience on the grain and oilseed markets in fields of execution, trading and brokerage

more than 8 year experience on the Black Sea grain and oilseed market in fields of brokerage and trading

knowledge, skills, contacts, good name among traders

wish to provide quality service to our customers

open-mindedness to new challenges of the agricultural market evolution